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JFD Cowan

JFD Cowan is recognised worldwide for its design and manufacture of lifesaving recompression and hyperbaric chambers.

Cowan was acquired by James Fisher and Sons plc in 2018, and is now part of JFD.

A family business since 1973 based in New South Wales, Australia, Cowan plays the leading role in the design, manufacture, installation and in-service support of transportable recompression chamber systems and other life support equipment for the Australian Navy as well as the wider international defence market.


Products and services

  • Design and manufacture of recompression, hyperbaric and hypobaric chambers
  • Breathing gas services
  • Cleaning for oxygen use
  • Test, maintenance and repair of diving plant, hyperbaric equipment, pipework and gauges
  • Development and design of training packages
  • Development and publication of technical and operational manuals
  • Approved MISD Hyperbaric Repair facility
  • Specialist stainless steel and aluminium fabrication
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